you were my first
you could have been my last
you are my lost

And to YHWH
You are my first
You are my last
I'm no longer lost
Isaiah 61:1-3
" for ashes..."

- Mildred Achoch, 4th September, 2011


A big thank you to David Citino and his amazing, inspirational book "Paperwork", for reminding me that poems - and poets - are worth something.

Many thanks to my namesake "Mimi" Mik for taking the time to read my crazy poems, and for giving me her invaluable feedback. You rock!

Asante sana to Murfy's Flaw for being one of the coolest and 'down-to-earthest' Kenyan rock bands! And for allowing their awesome song "In Silence" to be part of the soundtrack of this book of poems.

I salute the prolific poet Phatalvision for reading ALL my poems! By the way sir, "old school" is "gold 'n' cool" :-)

I am very thankful to my mum, dad and sister, for putting up with me all these years. I love you!

Friday, April 4, 2014

OULIPOST #4: Tiger Power

Every day this April, nearly 80 poets will write one poem per day by applying constrained writing techniques sourced from the Oulipo (Ouvroir de littérature potentielle — or “workshop of potential literature”) group to text sourced from their daily local newspaper. This is the fourth of thirty prompts in the Oulipost project.

The found poem below is in response to this prompt:


In a Fibonacci sequence, each term is the sum of the two terms immediately preceding it; typically with 1 as the first term: 1, 1, 2, 3, 5,8, 13, 21, 34, 55 and so on.

Select an article from your newspaper and create a poem using the words that correspond with the numbers in the sequence. Your poem will take the form of first word, first word, second word, third word, fifth word, eighth word, thirteenth word, etc. You can continue until you’ve run out of words in your article or until you’re happy with the poem’s conclusion.

Words from the article: 1 we 2 watched 3 in 5 as 8 up 13 over  21 awe 34 eyes 55 Njeru 89 six-inch 144 we

We watched Njeru
in six-inch eyes,
awe over we.

We up.

Who is Njeru? "This is Kenya's strongest man, Conrad Njeru Karukenya, better known as Tiger Power..."


Mburu, Kinuthia. "Being run over by Land Rover does not bother him." The Daily Nation 4 Apr. 2014: pg 3.


  1. oh goodness, this one made me chuckle! Six-inch eyes, no less! Love it.

    1. Thanks quillfyre! That's my favourite line thus far :-)

  2. And I highly recommend that every visitor to my blog read quillfyre's fibonacci poems. So cool!