you were my first
you could have been my last
you are my lost

And to YHWH
You are my first
You are my last
I'm no longer lost
Isaiah 61:1-3
" for ashes..."

- Mildred Achoch, 4th September, 2011


A big thank you to David Citino and his amazing, inspirational book "Paperwork", for reminding me that poems - and poets - are worth something.

Many thanks to my namesake "Mimi" Mik for taking the time to read my crazy poems, and for giving me her invaluable feedback. You rock!

Asante sana to Murfy's Flaw for being one of the coolest and 'down-to-earthest' Kenyan rock bands! And for allowing their awesome song "In Silence" to be part of the soundtrack of this book of poems.

I salute the prolific poet Phatalvision for reading ALL my poems! By the way sir, "old school" is "gold 'n' cool" :-)

I am very thankful to my mum, dad and sister, for putting up with me all these years. I love you!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

OULIPOST#27: Shillings and Saints

Oulipost #27: Irrational Sonnet

Create a 14-line sonnet sourced from lines from your newspaper that is divided according to the first five digits of the irrational number pi – that is, into stanzas of 3, 1, 4, 1 and 5 lines. As with the preceding sonnet assignment (see April 14) you may interpret “sonnet” as formally or as loosely as you wish.

Why is Kenya getting richer, richer?
Why CJ Sh300m?
while many of its people remain poor?

All eyes on Vatican as popes made saints.

And Bensouda probes Uhuru's billions,
tax evasion probe; KRA launches
budget cut to teach judges a lesson,
plot protest in giving allowances.

Sheikh loves. Loves. Loves. Loves to fight Al-Shabaab.

Promising life cut by gangsters' bullet
MCAs to grill over graft charges
Bensouda probes Uhuru's phone secrets
crooked dealers tamper Kenya mileage
while many of its people remain poor. 


Various newspaper headlines from The Sunday Nation 27 Apr. 2014

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